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"Creating a Plan Set shouldn't be a journey into the unknown."

The process

  • Identify your style                                                                 
  • Educate you
  • Align your project with your expected budget
  • Reflect current codes and building practices
  • Add details necessary to build out your project
  • Maintain a high level of aesthetic balance 

Do you want one thing and your partner wants another?

Do you know what you want, but you don't know what it's called?

Do you know what you do not want and are in a state of panic because you can't figure out what it is you really do want?

Do all the options avaiable in todays media generous optical serenade confuse you?

There really is a begining, a middle and an end with a project; the begining is the plan set.

Creative and fact based interviewing will successfully navigate you through the maze of decisions that need to be made in regards to what you think your style is and what it can become.

Practical concerns + visual preferences = unique style.


Plan sets are contracted for on a flat fee basis. This fee schedule is arrived at after a design objective has been established.

Plan set pricing will include all third party fees such as: structural engineering , land surveying, grading, Title 24 calculations, and Green Point rating as they occur.

Retainers are required for project implementation. Retainers are based on a percentage of the overall projected project costs.